Owner/Operator Statement

All customers that are either an owner or operator of an aircraft must order products as specified in this memorandum. O2 Corporation is not allowed to specify a part number that the customer should procure from us, the customer must identify the part and provide the requirements to us. This requirement originates from Advisory Circular 20-62D, 4 (n), and states as follows: “Owner/Operator Produced Part. Parts that were produced by an owner/operator for installation on their own aircraft (e.g., by a certificated air carrier). An owner/operator is considered a producer of a part, if the owner participated in controlling the design, manufacture, or quality of the part. Participating in the design of the part can include supervising the manufacture of the part or providing the manufacturer with the design data, the materials with which to make the part, the fabrication processes, assembly methods, or the quality control procedures.” O2 Corporation may continue to assist customers in associating what they require with our internal part numbers, but the customer must assume liability for the design. They can do so in numerous ways, and some examples are:

  • Provide a drawing (formal or hand sketch).
  • Provide the actual part that they wish to replace.
  • Provide pictures of the part that they wish to replace.
  • Provide the information in a printed form, such as printing the info from our website, identify their requirements, and provide it to us in a manner that demonstrates that they provided the info.

An aircraft must be certified before it can be delivered to a customer. That customer then accepts responsibility for the aircraft once they become the legal owner. This responsibility is the reason that the owner is liable for everything that goes into their aircraft. Following the requirements in this memo, as well as AC 20-62D, will ensure that O2 Corporation does not assume any liability for the design of an Owner/Operator Produced Part.